Hudson terrace is going to be buzzing with tons of sombrero-wearing, fake mustache-sporting loco New Yorkers who believe the holiday is a perfectly acceptable excuse to get sloshed - and so do we! Sangria will be available from Madria Sangria and Mowie Wowie will be serving tropical fruit smoothies. Participants will be needed to play in some games and contests like jalapeno eating! From margaritas to cold brews to tequila shots, with a live DJ all day, this will be a
Mexican fiesta you won't want to miss.

to keep you going all day, you'll be able to
line your stomach with food from a few
of the best food trucks around, including
the morris grilled cheese truck, Mexico Blvd, Nuchas and Takumi Taco which will
be parked right outside Hudson terrace, serving up their best dishes infused with
a south of the border flavor! Additional food will be available inside with a
raw oyster bar with hot sauce and lime mignonette offered by brooklyn oyster party.


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